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The Repurpose Content Vault

The Repurpose Content Vault

.zip (569.9kb)

You will get:
Workbook 1 PDF – 28+ ways to re-purpose your content
Workbook 2 PDF – 6+ ways to monetise your re-purposed content
Workbook 3 PDF – The Checklist

This Ebook set is for the online business owner who understands that content is king. An that as social media platforms expand and new ones appear the need to be seen in a ocean of "standing out" is getting harder everyday. The only way to get noticed is to add value to your potential customers by creating content. Your content can get you seen but this also means you need to create more content. So you can share it on your social platforms on a consistent basis.

Creating content is the key but having enough of it can be daunting, & overwhelming. This e-book set is to help you create content via using your existing and new content. This e-book set will show you how to re-purpose your content in so many ways that you won't need to re-create content to share across your many social platforms, for a while.

1 piece of content can be used, while it still adds value to your readers, allows you to stay visual online and best of all helps you to work on your business, while your content works for you without you. Each way is super simple to do & you get tools, links & resources to help you achieve each way.

Plus this e-book set also shows you how to make money from your re-purposing effects. This is the ONLY e-book set you will need when it comes to re-purposing your content.