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Shortcuts To Painting Red Grapes

Shortcuts To Painting Red Grapes (2BTBZJ)

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(Video – 5:24 running time)

A bunch of grapes can add an interesting touch to a still life painting. And it’s very easy if you know my secrets, which I’ll show you in this video.

This oil painting video is for all skill levels from absolute beginners to experienced artists. In it you’ll see a step-by-step demonstration from start to finish as I show you the simple, fun shortcuts that I have been teaching for years in my sold-out workshops for other artists.

You’ll watch as I demonstrate step-by-step from start to finish, showing you how I capture the feeling and emotion of the subject and bring it alive. I’ll talk about common mistakes to avoid and show you simple, effective techniques anyone can master right away and begin using in their own paintings.

I even go into details of color mixtures used, and analyze how they apply to a single grape to capture the light, shadow, reflections on the skin, and translucent light passing through the other side of a grape. It’s all so simple if you just know how, and that’s what I’ll show you here.

And to keep you inspired I include a gallery of other still life paintings I’ve done using these same techniques.