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Painting An Antique Lace Tablecloth

Painting An Antique Lace Tablecloth (N49AHJ)

.mp4 (158.9mb)

(Video – 5:13 running time)

Painting a lace tablecloth is so simple you can do it on your first try, even if you’ve never painted before.

This oil painting video is for all skill levels from absolute beginners to experienced artists. This is a step-by-step demonstration from start to finish as I show you my personal simple, fun shortcuts that I have been teaching for years in my sold-out workshops for other artists.

I’ll show you the technique I use to start a subject like this, then you’ll watch as I slowly create the illusion of antique lace in a step-by-step demonstration.

You’ll watch me go from a blank canvas to the finished painting. I’ll start by showing you the colors on my palette. Along the way you’ll see me use a variety of my brush techniques that you can easily use in your own paintings. You’ll even see how I manipulate the paint with my fingers at times.

I’ll show you a diagram of the color mixtures used and a gallery of other paintings that include some still life paintings with lace and others that have the potential for adding something like this. It will open up new possibilities in your own paintings.

These are all things you can use right away in your own paintings, no matter what your level of skill.