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Tom Brown’s Shortcuts To Palette Knife Painting

Tom Brown’s Shortcuts To Palette Knife Painting (HDZS4W)

.mp4 (311.1mb)

(Video - 10:21 running time)

This oil painting video includes three separate demonstrations showing how I use the knife to paint on a variety of surfaces using a number of different techniques. These are the same fun shortcuts that I have been teaching for years in my sold-out workshops for other artists.

This includes how I paint on a smooth white surface, how I work on a toned panel, and how I paint over an underpainting of washes that was created using brushes and thinned paint.

The video begins by showing a wide variety of basic palette knives as well as some very unusual tools I like to use. I demonstrate edge control including crisp edges, softly blended edges and even straight lined edges. I teach layering, how to work in a loose technique, how I add sparkle, how I add surface texture, how to put simplified figures (people) into a scene, and much more.

These are techniques you can begin using immediately, no matter what your skill level. You’ll use them again and again in many other paintings you create on your own. And I even include a gallery of other palette knife paintings to keep you inspired.