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How To Paint Reflections In a Peaceful Lake

How To Paint Reflections In a Peaceful Lake (L4RKFK)

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(Video - 5:59 running time)

This oil painting video is for all skill levels from absolute beginners to experienced artists. I demonstrate the same simple shortcuts that I have been teaching for years in my sold-out workshops for other artists.

You can use these methods right away to paint sparkling reflections in a peaceful lake. And you can use these same techniques again and again in many other paintings you create on your own.

I include my palette of colors, show the paint combinations used, how to begin to block-in the reflected images, the two essential characteristics of reflections, several ways to create ripples, and more. I demonstrate a variety of techniques using brushes, a palette knife and even my fingers as I call attention to the focal point and bring out the beauty of the reflected image. I even show how to add the final accents that give the painting extra sparkle.

To keep you inspired this video ends with a gallery of other paintings featuring reflections in water.