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Numerology Personal Years Guide (9TE8OW)

.pdf (590.6kb)

Numerology works on the basis of cycles. There are 9 yearly cycles and each one reflects the energy of its number. Every individual has a personal year number and this number changes with every new year.

Created using the Decoz Professional Numerology software, and formatted into a printer friendly pdf document of 12 pages, this handy guide can help you get a better idea of the cyclical nature of life and help you prepare for the ups and downs contained within it.

Used to its best advantage when you synchronize life events and big decisions with the corresponding years. This makes for a powerful ally and can also help you look back over your life to see where you perhaps acted in a way you didn't understand at the time, but can fully explain with this Personal Years Guide.

Includes a full explanation of the simple method used for working out your current Personal Year complete with an easy to follow example.