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Marker Fix (replacement) for Tanoa.

There is a bug on most Tanoa servers where it's not showing markers on the map, this is probably due to an error in the dev/apex build of Arma3 and has nothing to do with the infiSTAR tools. However I have made this little workaround for those that want/need it.
Once the payment is done, you will get a directly download to the files
and an Email with your own secret key for
to download the latest files asap when I've done changes
infiSTAR.de is used and supported by the biggest and best Communities!

I am doing this as a passionate 1-man Project.
The tool is actively developed and updated, trying to get the best
results vs Scripters, Hackers while implementing helpful features to administrate your server(s).

I try to help anyone who needs help but it is very easy structured and self-explaining.
The tool comes with a readme including install instructions and there is even pictures.

If you have seen my tool on another server and you are not convinced about purchasing it yourself or what it does, how it works or just unsure if you want to purchase it for your server/community.
I can offer you to add your UID to a Test-server so you can at least get a feel of a few benefits you get.

Due to the nature of this software, it needs to be updated quite often, because of new mods, mod updates or new hacks.
I provide Updates and support for my customers for more than 2 years now (not as part of the purchase).
I am happy to go on providing Updates as long as it is possible for me.

Thanks for your attention.

Thanks to those, who help(ed) me testing new features, bugs or sending in Hacks to check against them :)
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