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The Pre-Plan Marketing Kit for Creative Handmade Business

The Pre-Plan Marketing Kit for Creative Handmade Business

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With so much depending on marketing your business, you cannot afford not being everywhere that can potentially increase your business traffic. BUT all these places need time & there's only 24 hours in a day.

This e-workbook shows you exactly what you need in order to use those 24 hrs effectively when it comes promoting your business. The 10 business facts I share in the ebook I actually used. By having this information pre-planned and ready, you will be able to promote more which will increase your creative business exposure. Which will help boost your business. In this e-workbook I've laid out the 10 most important details you need for your creative business to promote more effectively and easily.

You will:

● Learn the exact information you need to market your business, consistently

● Learn step by step how to promote your business without compromising on your message

● Learn how to organise the whole process

● How to save time on tasks that would otherwise take longer

● Know the sites you have marketed & all those vital details relating to them

● How the actions of copy & paste will a life saver

Inside The Pre-Plan Marketing Kit e-WorkBook

This workbook is 47 pages long consisting of 10 modules that will change your marketing habits:

The modules are as follows:

Module 1 - You Looking at Me

Module 2 - What's in a Name?

Module 3 - Reliving those Memories

Module 4 - Business Ingredients

Module 5 - It's all About You

Module 6 - New Horizons

Module 7 - How Can I Reach You

Module 8 - Picture Perfect

Module 9 - Twitter Quickie

Module 10 - Where Am I?