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Painting The Textures Of Weathered Barn Wood

Painting The Textures Of Weathered Barn Wood (W4PLIL)

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(Video – 10:39 running time)

Being able to create the illusion of textures like this opens up loads of fun possibilities in other paintings you can do. To show you just how widely you can use these techniques I include a full gallery of other paintings that use the same techniques I teach in this video.

This oil painting video is for all skill levels from absolute beginners to experienced artists. This is a step-by-step demonstration from start to finish as I show you the simple, fun shortcuts that I have been teaching for years in my sold-out workshops for other artists.

In this video you’ll see how I begin with an underpainting (and how it’s applied based on what’s to come next). You’ll see my brush techniques, how I handle light and shadow on the wood, how I create the illusion of wood-grain texture, how to develop the weathered look of old wood, and more.

And to keep you inspired I include a gallery of other paintings using these same techniques.