Store Review Guidelines

We have published these guidelines in the hope that they will help you steer clear of issues and speed you through the approval process when you submit your products to our site.

Here are some general points to read before submitting your products:-

  • We are looking for high quality products to resell, if your products are of low value or have poor quality images and descriptions, they will most likely not be accepted. We determine 'high quality' at our own discretion and will not enter into any discussions about our decision to either accept or deny an author to our platform. To gauge the type of quality we accept simply look at some of the featured authors on our homepage. If your expertise isn't in creating graphics and a strong brand for your product and online presence we recommend 99 Designs for affordable graphic design.
  • We expect prospective authors to either have a website or other online presence for example a YouTube channel they will be promoting their products from.
  • When creating your account, please provide clear information about your products, you may upload a maximum of 6 products(limitation is lifted if the account passes our review process) for the account 'review stage', please also ensure your uploaded products meet our Product Guidelines. If you don't create any products after signing up your account will be removed after 7 days as we'll assume you do not intend to use the account.
  • Whilst we are flexible about the numbers of products we allow authors to sell with us as a general rule we cannot support a large catalog of similar products, for example if you wanted to sell 2000+ stock images our platform would not be suitable for you.
  • Please ensure you add your bank account details to your account so we are able to pay your sales commission, without this information we are unable to activate an account for sales.
  • We are an English speaking company, we cannot provide support for foreign languages so we do not accept products in any other languages than English.
  • We don't have time to micro manage every account, so if you fail the review process, and feel you can edit your products to meet our guidelines, please email us and let us know what actions you have taken so we can review your account again.
  • We do not accept any products that contain nudity, sexual references, or intended violence.
  • We like originality, we do not accept knock off's or copies of other products. Neither do we want to sell 'resell rights' type of content, this is what we class as low quality content, in many cases this type of content results in charge backs when customers realize they've bought a low quality product they simply go to their credit card company saying they did not authorize the charge on their card.

This is a living document, new material may be uploaded raising new questions or concerns for us resulting in additions to these guidelines.

We are building a platform for digital goods that we would like to be known for selling high quality content, whilst these guidelines may seem restrictive to some, those that do get accepted onto our platform truly appreciate the tools they gain access to and can rest assured they are reselling their products with a platform that does things the right way. We look forward to building a great working relationship with you.

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